Even though the algorithm of Facebook changes they way your feed is displayed, most of the ways to get to the top have stayed the same.
1. Facebooks main goal is to create conversations.
Therefore, they look for content that creates an interaction between friends and family. (Facebook defines friends and family by: the likes, reactions, shares or comments they make on something that you posted and vice versa.) These interactions could be anything from a like or comment of a post or status update, a reaction to a post shared by a friend and people having a conversation from a video or article that they saw in the news feed. It also includes links shared over messenger.
2. Facebook wants people to stay on Facebook.
This sounds pretty stupid, because of course they do that is how they make there money. But that means they are promoting more content that has less links to lead people off of the platform. That does not mean that if you put a link on your post it will not how, but taking that into account could be a huge help in staying on top.
3. Be consistent.
This is one of the tips that has not changed, and I don’t believe it will be changing anytime soon. Consistency is key, regular engaging posts can take your account from 0 to hero.
4. Video Content.
Video has taken over. More than 55% of internet users watch videos online every day. Not only do videos increase brand awareness and can create a 157% increase in organic traffic, videos are a fun.

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